Paddle Trails

Southern Maryland provides paddlers with hundreds of miles of shoreline along the Potomac and Patuxent Rivers and the Chesapeake Bay to explore.  

From day trips to paddle-in camping options for multi-day trips read on to plan your next adventure.

Charles County

Explore the Wild Side of the Potomac River

Charles County has paddling routes that range from short 1 to 2 hour trips, to all day excursions with overnight camping options.  Miles of undeveloped shoreline offer unparalleled opportunities for fishing, bird and wildlife watching, and exploring the Lower Potomac and its tributaries.  Click here for a downloadable brochure with maps and more information on the four different watertrails available for your enjoyment.

St. Mary’s County

Explore the Trails of the Tidal Potomac

The St. Mary’s County Water Trails guide features six water trails located on the western side of the St. Mary’s peninsula, along the lower, tidal Potomac River.  The trails range from short day trips to longer routes that can be linked for multi-day journeys.  There are options for paddlers of all skill levels.  Some of the trail routes are in protected areas with moderate wind and current condidtions and are best for novies and families.  Other trails, such as thoses that traverse the open waters of the Potomac River, provide more challenging paddling conditions suitable for experienced paddlers.  Click here for a downloadable brochure for more information.

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