Planters and Plantations

Planters and Plantations

In 1634, early settlers established St. Mary’s City along the banks of the beautiful St. Mary’s River. By the late 17th century, the colony had grown and outlying plantations thrived along the creeks and rivers which formed the economic lifelines to the Chesapeake Bay and the greater world beyond.

Start the day with a visit to Historic St. Mary’s City, Maryland’s premier outdoor living history museum. While there, board the Maryland Dove, for a working lesson on colonial seamanship. The original Dove carried the first colonists from England to Maryland. Experience the life and daily concerns of an early colonial family at the Godiah Spray Tobacco Plantation and learn how colonists interacted with Native Americans at the Yacomo Woodland Indian Hamlet. Don’t miss the great new exhibits including the Print Shop, St. John’s Site Museum and the 1667 Brick Chapel. End you visit to the 17th century with a stop at Farthing’s Ordinary Shop. Stop in historic Leonardtown for lunch at one of the several group-friendly restaurants, then travel up the road and into the 18th century at Sotterley Plantation. Enjoy the breathtaking panorama of the Patuxent River and tour the Manor House, a unique post-in-ground structure that boasts some of the finest Georgian-period woodwork in America. Hear the stories of generations of planters who called Sotterley home as well as those of the slaves at the Slave Cabin. Stroll the picturesque garden and peek into the numerous outbuildings.

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