Tobacco Trail

Tobacco Trail

Encounter the famous and infamous around and about Port Tobacco, once Maryland’s second largest seaport and today, a sleepy small town steeped in history.

Start the morning with a visit to Smallwood State Park and tour General William Smallwood House Museum (open Sundays in-season) at Marbury. Continue on to the Port Tobacco Historic District to tour Thomas Stone National Historic Site on Rose Hill Road. Thomas Stone was one of four Maryland signers of the Declaration of Independence, and he and family members are buried there in the family cemetery. Proceed a short distance to Port Tobacco, one of the oldest continuous settlements in the U.S. Visit the reconstructed Court House (open in-season). The center section of the building was destroyed by fire in 1892, and the Court House was restored between 1965 and 1973. Continue along the designated Religious Freedom Byway for a visit to St. Ignatius Catholic Church, one of the oldest active Jesuit Orders in the US. Take in the fabulous view of the Port Tobacco and Potomac Rivers from the historic cemetery. Then enjoy a crab lunch at one of our Popes Creek restaurants or continue on to the maritime village of Cobb Island. After lunch, proceed to the Dr. Samuel A. Mudd House, home of the physician who set the leg of John Wilkes Booth, assassin of President Lincoln. For a change of pace, catch an evening performance with the Port Tobacco Players or a minor league baseball game at the new Regency Furniture Stadium.

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