Become a Time and Tidekeeper!

Friends of the Southern Maryland Heritage Area

Support Southern Maryland’s Heritage… Become a Time & Tidekeeper now!

Who are our Friends?  A group of area residents, local businesses, historians, farmers and fishermen, craftspeople, innkeepers, teachers, parents and many others.

Do you see what we see?  The people of Southern Maryland are interested and engaged in the history and culture of our region.  These are the people who make up our Friends group, and we call them our Time & Tidekeepers.

Benefits of Membership

Help us give help when and where it’s needed in the region. Whether it’s supporting our local small museums, or literally supporting a one-room school house that’s about to fall down and slip forever from our history.  Enjoy the strolling musician who’s singing the old songs of the sea at the Maritime Festival, we helped pay for him to spend the day there.  Swing your partner at the Saturday Night Barn Dance, smile when a visitor remarks about the beautiful parks and trails in the unspoiled nature centers.  And don’t forget to listen to the sound of the Bay and enjoy the fruits of those waters – crabs and oysters are a big part of our heritage too!

In other words, show your pride in the history, culture and beauty of Southern Maryland – support us and you’ll support our unique heritage.

With your help, we will preserve, enhance and promote all that is special about our heritage area.  By doing that we will demonstrate what a terrific place Southern Maryland is to work and play, for all the residents and also for the visitors and businesses in the region. Joining this elite circle of pride can cost as little as twenty dollars, so complete the Membership Form today and send it in with your donation – become a Time & Tidekeeper of Southern Maryland.

Membership Levels and Benefits

  • Associate Member: $20. Open to individuals and non-profit associations.  All Associate Members will be on our mailing list to receive our newsletters and other information.
  • Supporting Member: $100. Open to all who have a special pride in our region.  All Supporting Members will receive their choice of either a”Barns of Southern Maryland” or “Historic Churches of Southern Maryland” poster.
  • Sustaining Member: $500. Open to businesses and individuals in Southern Maryland that wish to make a substantial and positive contribution in support of the Heritage of Southern Maryland.  All Corporate Members will receive a plaque of appreciation for their contribution.


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