Thomas L. Hall

Thomas L. Hall of Maryland served in the Maryland militia in St. Mary’s County during the War of 1812.  Hall never left the state of Maryland during his service in the militia.  Serving in the militia, Hall was called to duty for short periods of often a week or less, rather than constantly being on call like a “regular” in the full-time army.  However, Hall still served his country admirably, especially on the Southern shores of Maryland.  Hall was directed, by Captain Walter Langley of the Marine’s 12th Infantry, to investigate the position of some British ships lying in the Chesapeake Bay during the spring of 1813.

Hall’s main contribution to the effort was his investigation of the British position of their ships in the Chesapeake Bay during their invasion of Maryland.  Hall fought in only a few battles during the war because he was a scout rather than a typical soldier.  Although just a militia man, Hall was still captured by the British and became a prisoner during this investigation he was ordered to do by Captain Walter Langley of the Marine’s 12th Infantry.  Upon his release he ended up continuing his service in the effort against the British and served as part of the defense of the shores of St. Mary’s County against the British ships in the Chesapeake Bay at the end of 1813.

Thomas Hall spent the majority of his enlistment defending the shores of Southern Maryland, especially in St. Mary’s County.  This could have very well been because he had family that lived in Point Lookout, located in St. Mary’s County, Maryland.  Much like William Walker, who served in the 12th Infantry, Thomas Hall served in defense of the Southern shores of Maryland although he was not from Southern Maryland himself.


Chronicles of St. Mary’s, 2000-2006. Mike W. Hill, “Two American Patriots (William Walker and Thomas L. Hall) from St. Mary’s County – War of 1812” p. 472-473.

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